Patti GibbonsThe communicator behind Verbitude is veteran youth minister Patti Gibbons.

Patti has 20 years of church and parachurch youth ministry experience in both urban and suburban settings, as well as experience assisting churches seeking to effectively minister to students and families.  She is passionate about communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping students bring biblical principals into their everyday lives.

A committed Christ-follower, Patti has been married to Tom for 21 years, and together they have two teenagers, Tim and Cathie.  They reside in Albany, New York.

Today, Patti writes, speaks and teaches related to youth ministry – ranging from communicating to youth and writing curriculum for youth ministry, to helping manage communities for youth workers and women in youth ministry, to making herself a resource in any way she can to see teenagers and their families know Christ and make Him known.

Patti is available to teach in a variety of settings, from rallies and retreats to camps and conference seminars for students, youth leaders and parents.  Patti is a trained presenter for the Youth Specialties Real World Parents Seminar, launching in Spring 2009.

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